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Sons Of Liberty

"Singing The Gospel In the Land of Liberty"

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Formed the early 1980’s the Sons of Liberty has made a special place in Southern Gospel music by mixing southern gospel, country and bluegrass to create a very unique and rich sound.  The Group has two main goals: Winning Souls to Christ and uplifting Christians.  During the years the Sons of Liberty have had several songs that have gained national radio attention such as “In My Father's House,” “For His Glory,” “He’s Never Left Me,” and many more.

Meet The Guys


Jeff Childers

Jeff has been with the Sons of Liberty since  1983.  He joined the group as baritone singer but was quickly promoted to the groups tenor singer due to his wide vocal range.  Jeff has had the opportunity to minister to thousands of people and loves every minute of it.  During his time with the Sons of Liberty he has recorded over 20 projects.  Jeff was featured on the first song that reached the Singing News top 80 chart “In My Father’s House” which gained national attention for the group.   Jeff Currently plays rhythm guitar, sings tenor for the group and performs the day to day operations of the group keeping track of the finances and maintaining the bus.

Jeff and his wife Deana live in Stanton, KY and have one child Jerrod.


Jerrod Childers

Jerrod has been with the Sons of Liberty since 2003.  His father Jeff Childers began singing with the group before Jerrod was born so he grew up on the bus and “under the feet” of the members of the group.  At a very young age Jerrod began learning to play the banjo with an elementary school program call “The Wise Village Pickers and Singers” which performed with national artist such as Ricky Skaggs, Rhonda Vincent any many others.  During his early teenage years he was a member of a bluegrass group called “lil’ Bit Of Blue” which performed in Eastern and Central Kentucky.  The fall of 2003 Jerrod filled in as baritone singer for the Sons of Liberty and has been with the group ever since taking on a few different roles through the years.  He plays the piano, banjo, guitar, sings lead for the group and does the concert booking.   Jerrod also owns a recording studio where he works with many different artist recording music.  Check his studio out at

Jerrod and his wife Bethany live in Clay City, KY with their two children Jayden and Presley.


Eric Muse

Eric has been with the Sons of Liberty two different times 1998-1999 and again since 2004.  Eric grew up in a Christian home and around gospel music his whole life making his passion for southern gospel music strong.  During his teenage years Eric played bass and sang tenor with the “Heirs of Faith” from Morehead Kentucky.  In 1998 Eric was asked to join the Sons of Liberty as their bass player,   During 1999 job constraints would not allow him to travel and Eric had to leave the road.  As time passed Eric missed playing and singing and in 2004 the position of bass player and baritone singer opened up and Eric was quick to fill the spot and he has been with the group ever since.

Eric and his wife Kelly live in Winchester, KY with their four children Nathan, Josh, Jose, and David.

Notable Songs

In My Father's House

For His Glory

Christ Is the Answer

He's Never Left Me

Joy For The Journey

Thank You For The Trial (That Brought Me to the Blessing)

I'm Gonna Fight

Life's Railway to Heaven (Train Song)


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Contact Jerrod Childers For Information On The Sons Of Liberty.

Telephone: 859-749-6440

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